Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And i Never Miss!

The children gather in the front yard for the second time today.  "This time, we're gonna play Knife Fight!"  Some of the girls let out small gasps, while the tomboyish one exults.  One boy sits out (me) and the other three all decide to play.  The tomboy plays too, with more vigor and enthusiasm than the three boys combined.  "This is a Knife Fight!" she exclaims, "and i never miss!"

This band has been featured on at least one blog before, but i really like them and they sent me a CD for free.  I believe it is my duty to post something about them.  They really are nice guys (i'm assuming, of course.  They did send me a free CD after all.)  This song is from their newest album Start, Stop, Skip, & Jump.  Although "Say Hello" may be more immediate, i believe this song better embodies what the record is as a whole.  It sort of reminds me of perhaps what the Microphones or Adrian Orange would be playing if they picked up a few electric guitars and decided to write simple, poppy, garage-esque, psych-y, short little weirdo songs.  Or something like that.  If you love this song, you'll love the rest, trust me.

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