Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Eargasm: Bon Iver - Skinny Love

It happens very rarely, but when it does its probably a huge reason why people are interested in listening to new music. It is what I call an eargasm. An eargasm is when you hear a song so good you get goosebumbs even though you are sitting in your bed wrapped in 3 blankets. After the first listen you click the repeat one setting on your music player and just drift away. I almost forgot the feeling, maybe because I have not been actively searching for new music because I simply have been listening to old albums I did not fully appreciate when I was younger. But, recently I had an eargasm while listening to Bon Iver's song Skinny Love off the album For Emma, Forever Ago. I looked up the band after noticing they were the headliner for Phosphorescent at a March 19th show at Che Café. I went on to Amie Street(once again a great site that I will not be hacking anymore and you all should actually buy music from) and downloaded their album. Justin Vernon 's voice on the track is just perfection he brings so many raw emotions into the song without making it overwhelming. I'm sure he had a lot of time to figure out exactly how to do this while spending 4 months in a Wisconsin cabin writing and recording the album. So anyways I think Ill just let the song speak for itself...

Bon Iver Skinny Love

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